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Responding to Globalization

Globalization Can Bring Rewards. But at What Cost?

Yes, business globalization is worth a look – with both eyes wide open.

Can Business Globalization Alter Your Company’s Identity?

Of course it can. Expanding a once close-knit workforce leaves your core culture at risk. Your leaders, for example, may struggle to connect with far-flung employees, who in turn struggle to implement your global vision. Local operations may abandon a successful sales approach or remake service in their own image. So, ultimately, you may lose short-term gains to a long-term identity crisis.

Globalizing Your Culture with International Training

Preserving your culture during business globalization takes focused international training. A unified curriculum, delivered locally, helps globalize your values, methods, and vision – from St. Louis to Sao Paulo, Boston to Beijing. Focused training can globalize your distinctive approach to sales, service, or leadership. In this way, consistent international training extends your culture to drive business and build customer loyalty, which together can realize the promise of business globalization.

If you’re wrestling with business globalization, remember that truly global training can instill your core values in a worldwide workforce. With our offices in over 40 countries, AchieveGlobal has delivered international training and workforce development for four decades. Contact us today.