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Managing Change

Managing Change Means Finding the Change Capability in Every Associate

You know their names – once-proud companies apparently incapable of managing change, their medical reports if not their obituaries in the business section. And you know their opposites – thriving companies that foresee and expertly respond to changing business conditions.

Recognizing Change is a Problem

To succeed in today’s shifting markets, we must first accept the inevitability of change. Only then can we recognize the symptoms of a failure to manage change, including:

  • Mass confusion about new directions, priorities or goals
  • Widespread longing for some “golden age” of the past
  • Leaders unable to cope with shifting demands
  • Poor alignment across internal boundaries
  • Dissatisfied customers and languishing sales
Managing Change by Activating Change Capability

Yet “managing change” is a misleading term. It implies that leaders alone control events. In fact, no change succeeds without support from employees. But leaders can play a central role – with the right knowledge and skills – by activating the change capability in all employees, even in those who wait or hope for failure.

To activate change capability, leaders help employees co-own the constant, overlapping changes of modern business life. Specifically, they:

  • Expand employee awareness of business realities
  • Spotlight the benefits and successes of ongoing change
  • Embrace needed experimentation
  • Encourage the involvement of every employee

When leaders do their part, employees can do theirs by learning about the change, getting actively involved, and standing their ground with skeptics and detractors.

Our Clients Are Effectively Managing Change

If enduring change capability would boost your business performance, contact AchieveGlobal. Our customers are successfully activating change. You can, too.